Who is Blissfully Mommy?

Hi everyone! I’m Tina: writer, wife, and mother of identical twin girls and one cat baby. I’ve launched Blissfully Mommy, a creative outlet to share and celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood through real-life tips for real-life mothers.

I’m here for you, fellow moms! And I’d love to hear from you. I aim to help you find your own version of what I like to call “mommy bliss” and provide helpful parenting tips, ideas to live more naturally, and some delicious, healthy (and not-so-healthy) recipes!

Together my family enjoys singing, playing instruments, dancing, having tea parties, and engaging in deep philosophical conversation (yes, even the kids). One of our family goals is to spend more time outdoors and be more physically active.


Fun Facts

  • I am obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer, autumn, and coffee. Yes, I’m one of those.
  • As a kid I always pretended I was a mom of twins–that dream came true!
  • I make a mean chicken bastila
  • Blogging isn’t all I do–I am also a digital media manager for a therapy company in Tennessee.
  • When I’m not writing or mommying, I can be found playing on Pinterest while watching my TGIT shows. Shonda Rhimes, you’re my hero.