Adventures in Relactation, movin’ on up!

Just a few days ago I got my first drop of milk large enough to makes it’s way down into the bottle.

This morning I got several…enough to refridgerate throughout the day and my baby girls are going to have some breast milk tonight!!!!

Maybe I am one of those women for whom domperidone works quickly. I have heard many different things, from it taking 3-4 days to start to eat taking 2 whole months to see a difference.

I also started taking blessed thistle again, and will start my fenugreek as soon as I can go out and buy some.

It is usually recommended to start herbs after domperidone in case they may upset your stomach. I have taken blessed thistle and fenugreek before with no tummy aches, so I think it’s more of a “different for every person”.

Anyways…I am SO glad I decided to relactate! I know I am lucky to get so much after not yet two weeks, many dedicated mamas spend a month pumping every 2-3 hours around the clock before they get their first drop.


Tina Bekkali

Hi there, I’m Tina and I created Blissfully Mommy as a place to share and celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood. In between those dirty diaper moments you learn to laugh, love, cry, and find bliss in the little things like a yummy recipe, easy style tips, or a Pinterest binge! I hope this blog inspires you to cultivate your own version of mommy bliss.


  1. Valerie Gouin (@ValGouin)

    Nice job, I went through this adventure last year as well around this time and it went really well for me too. If you’re like me, your girls will be able to have a feeding (or at least part of one) at your breast in no time!

    I’m glad I found your blog, I will be following it regularly! I wrote one myself with my relactation and found it to be quite therapeutic. After only a couple of months I checked my stats..check yours, you could be surprised! 🙂

    08 . 10 . 2011
  2. lahancock

    Fantastic! I’m glad you are doing this.

    08 . 10 . 2011

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