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The Secret to being a Happy Mom

Is your life an endless whirl of late night feedings, diaper changing, toddler chasing, house cleaning, speeding to soccer practice after school, whipping up dinner, sleeping 6 hours (if you’re lucky!) and then doing it all over again?Yeah…


No ‘Poo Update!

No ‘Poo in a nutshell…best thing i’ve ever done for my hair!Seriously folks. I am LOVING no ‘poo. My hair is shiny, voluminous, and all around gorgeous.I’ve been washing it with just water and then…


No more ‘Pooing Here!

…Shampooing, that is.No Poo? Sounds Ew…I know what it sounds like, “I’m not going to use shampoo and conditioner ever again!” When most people first hear of the practice called “No Poo” they think it’s pretty…