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DIY Turkey Onesie

I’ve been getting addicted to pinterest lately, and I keep thinking “I need to make a post with a picture in it so I can pin it to pinterest and then a bajillion other people can pin it to!” Because clearly they would do so 🙂


Monday night I suddenly had the thought, “Hey! I want to make some felt turkeys and sew them on to onesies for the girls to wear on Thanksgiving!”

So I did!


You’ll need…

  • 1 piece of felt per color: brown, yellow, orange, burnt orange/red, white, black (this gives you enough to make 3 whole turkeys)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Needle and thread (don’t worry, ANYONE can stitch this!)
  • Onesie (or two onesies, if you have twins like me!)
The turkey onesie in all it’s glory


  • Create a felt Turkey. You can use your own design or base it off of a premade turkey design. I used Family Fun’s Turkey Chair Cover pattern and shrank it by 50% to put on a 12mo onesie. I also traced a penny to make the whites of the eyes…cuter if you ask me!
  • Assemble the Turkey. Glue the pieces together and let sit 1 hour-overnight depending on your glue and when it’s stuck together. I let mine sit overnight and they are well attached.
  • Stitch the turkey on to your onesie; a simple stitch by hand will do. If you are in a crunch or just don’t like to sew, you can just put a few stitches at the top, sides, and bottom.
  • It may be possible to use fabric glue to glue the turkey to the onesie. I was too chicken (turkey?) to try it, but It could work.

Gobble, gobble, folks!



Tina Bekkali

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