Hooray, Hooray! It’s Poop all over Mommy Day!

I am a cloth diapering mama. I love my fluff and am not fond of disposables. But, when faced with twins that squirt diarrhea every hour I chose sposies over rinsing countless diapers and washing 3 times a day. For the future I will invest in an emergency stash of prefolds and covers so I won’t spend $10 a day on sposies that leave gel beads on my babies bottoms. Yes, my poopy little girls have run through a 40 pack of huggies in one day.

Anyways, I was changing Eloise’s sposie last night and decided to take her temperature, even though she had seen the doctor the day before and did not have a fever. I co-sleep and it was nighttime so I was changing her on the bed.

Marvel was sound asleep on the fluffy white pillow and I was watching Pam and Jim’s wedding on Netflix when SQUIRT!!!!!!!!!! I knew the warm, wet, disgusting sensation all too well from the first week home when the girls aimed and fired at me in succession.

Poopsplosion all over the changing pad, the bed, and my legs. In retrospect, it could have been worse. That first week home I my bare tummy and chest got the brunt of the poopsplosion.

I looked up from the disaster area to see my angelic little Eloise, laying there like a little naked cherub. That’s what I get for sticking a thermometer up her bum when the Dr. at the hospital already said she didn’t have one.

A little back story…

My darlings are sick for the first time 🙁

After two days of the runs, I took them to Urgent Care this Saturday. It was their 3 month birthday!

The girls did not have fevers, which I knew from the several times I had begrudgingly poked their bums with the thermometer. I hate doing it more than they do; they just squirm and sometimes poop on the thermometer…or worse, but i’ll get to that in a little bit.

I got the exciting news that Sweet Pea (Eloise) now weighed 11lbs2oz and Plumpkin (Marvel) is a whopping 11lbs8oz! I am so proud of my little preemies making it to the 20th percentile for weight! You go piggies!

I then got the less exciting, but not surprising, news that they had a tummy bug. I had heard from MommyBoots that their might be something going around as her little one has it too.

So, I packed the girls back up and headed home. I had to bum a dime off of a hospital visitor because I had only scraped up 90 cents from the van but the parking fee is $1, cash only….and anytime I have gone to the hospital it never fails that I have no cash.

Side Story: NIP!

This was my first uncovered NIP experience. (NIP = Nursing in Public) It’s not as cool as it sounds…I didn’t whip out the boobs at Hamilton Place Mall, but as my sick little Plumpkin cried out for food I didn’t want to waste anytime by fiddling with my nursing cover.

I don’t really mind the cover, but it was SO much easier to get her latched on when I wasn’t concerned with it. I simply pulled over the top of my new dress (thanks mom!) and let her at it.

It felt liberating! Even though it was at the hospital which I consider a more welcoming place to NIP uncovered than the mall. That’s next on my to do list! I’m sure it will be an experience.

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