Moms of Margaritaville

When there is a total of 31 children divided between 13 women, they really need a night out…

Yes, that’s me giving my friend Mo bunny ears. You know it was a good night when you have no memory of doing so!

So last Thursday was a great day. I was finally done with all JBF duties, had purchased my best friend’s wedding gifts, and was feeling the excitement all day for my first mom’s night out with the Chattanooga Moms of Multiples Club!

I wasn’t the only one looking forward to it; the other MoMs and I expressed our longing for the event all day long on facebook.

We went to Top O’ The Dock just off the Chickamauga Dam in Hixson. It has a really nice beach vibe and overlooks the river and a marina. I was dying to take out a boat and go swimming!

The margaritas were super salty, but very good in my opinion. The appetizers were decent….skip the nachos though, they were awful. I got coconut shrimp which was a little too sweet for my tastes, but good. The hamburger my friend got looked amazing, as did the gigantic salads.

Overall, we had a great time there and I would recommend it. Plus, they have the #1 thing needed for a good night out…

KARAOKE!!!!!! That’s me and one of the girls singing the obligatory “Like a Virgin” by Madonna.

I cannot WAIT for the next Mom’s Night Out!!!


Tina Bekkali

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  1. lou lou

    I wanna see everyone elses photos! It was so fun!!!! I can’t wait for the next one too! And you looked so cute!

    22 . 06 . 2011

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