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Why this mom Restrains her Children

This mom restrains her children. I do it proudly and I do it all the time.Before I even had the girls, I signed up for instant alerts from CPSC. One went out earlier today, recalling Evenflo highchairs due to…


The West Village Carrier of Choice

I currently live in the West Village, a neighborhood that is family heavy, particularly the blocks surrounded mine.On a typical day I see no less than 6 babywearers (yes, I do take count!) and it became instantly clear that…


Bag Slings are Bad Slings :(

First I want to start off by saying that if you have worn your baby in a bag sling without knowledge of the dangers, you are not a bad parent!It is not necessarily common knowledge that bag slings are…


Crotch Danglers are NOT Evil!

That’s right, I said it. Crotch Danglers are NOT evil!There is a lot of talk in the mommy-verse on the dangers of crotch danglers, and I have seen many a mama bashed on websites like Babycenter for…