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Two Babies do not need 60+ Bibs!

In pricing baby clothes for the JBF sale, I have discovered 2 things.

1. The girls need to stop growing so fast.

2. I should never buy them this much stuff again.

The good news about number 2 is that I bought 90% of their things from the JBF sales and other consignments, so at least I didn’t buy them 30+ newborn outfits brand new. And that’s not counting the 20 plain white newborn onesies I was *sure* we’d need. Or 60+ bibs…that was my mother’s doing.

As sad as it is to let things go, the worst feeling is letting go outfits they never even got to wear. So I have learned my lesson. At least, a little. I’m pretty positive there will be some outfits at the JBF sale that I can’t resist….but I will try!

On a related note: someone needs to ban my mother and I from Gymboree!

Poppy the Grammar Policeman would say, “Don’t you mean my mother and me?”

And he’d be right. Father knows best!

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Tina Bekkali

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  1. yatzoo

    Actually you are correct. It’s mother and I:)

    06 . 07 . 2011

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