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Easy Way to Kill Flies


We have a serious situation here.

For the past few days we have been plagued by fruit flies. Like most kitchens, we get a few of them a couple times a year when an overly-ripe banana has been left on the counter for too long. I thought this was the case, but was a little confused because there were no bananas.

While making my Eggcellent Greek Toast for my mom the other night, I moved a giant bag of onions…and there I found them, an entire battalion of fruit flies. Apparently one or two of the onions on the bottom of the bag had gone bad and from them an army of the nasty little things had spawned.

On the first night of the battle, I started off strong, downing at least twenty of their soldiers with my bare hands. Unfortunately, their minions were too strong and I was forced to retreat for the night.

Upon waking, I discovered that the enemy troops had set up a camp on my bathroom mirror (seriously, no clue why). I took a dozen or so down and thought all was well.

At the suggestion of a friend, I baited a trap to lure the tiny soldiers to a vinegar-soaked death. I took down another ten.

A few hours later their troops had multiplied beyond belief, even upon removal of all possible food items from the counter.

They were swarming on me, I was trapped in the corner of the kitchen with naught but a spatula and…a stroke of pure, fruit fly killing genius!



It was as if I were struck by lightening. I grabbed the Canola Spray, shook it with all my might, and let my terror rain down on the enemy.

After the great battle of the kitchen, I headed into the bathroom where the offset of troops had regrouped their camp. I gave a mighty spray and took the majority out with one swoosh!

There are still a few, brave soldiers out there, I admire that the fruit fly army fights to the death.

For now I celebrate a small victory against the majority of their troops, but I know they’ll be back…and I will be waiting with my secret weapon.

But seriously, if you have a major fruit fly problem and the vinegar/fruit traps aren’t working (left out the part where I tried the fruit trap too) grab yourself a can of Vegetable or Canola oil spray and get to it. It kills some on contact and for others it coats their wings, they fall to the ground, and you can squash them. Grab a paper towel or wet washcloth and wipe the canola oil off of any surfaces it landed on. Much better than trying to clean a toxic chemical spray off of your apples!


Tina Bekkali

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