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The Secret to being a Happy Mom

Is your life an endless whirl of late night feedings, diaper changing, toddler chasing, house cleaning, speeding to soccer practice after school, whipping up dinner, sleeping 6 hours (if you’re lucky!) and then doing it all over again?Yeah…


Why this mom Restrains her Children

This mom restrains her children. I do it proudly and I do it all the time.Before I even had the girls, I signed up for instant alerts from CPSC. One went out earlier today, recalling Evenflo highchairs due to…


All Through the Night

A miracle happened last night.I’ll tell you all about it in a minute, but first some back story. I have been co-sleeping with the girls in my bed since the hospital. I didn’t intend to do…


Hangin’ Up the Horns

Well, I did it. I brought my milk supply back from non-existence to pump breast milk for my girls for another 5 months…and then I was defeated by the flu.I have seriously struggled the past few days…


On the First Week of Daycare

I have a nice job making a decent amount over minimum wage. Did you know that putting two children in daycare would take up almost my entire paycheck? Childcare costs in this country can be insane, especially when facing them…


Relactation Guide

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. Consult your physician prior to taking any new medicine or herbal supplements. This guide was created based on my own personal experience relactating for my twins. In honor of how much milk i…


Relactation Report!

I am super happy to report that 2.5 weeks into relactation, yesterday my total for the day was 2.25 ounces!!!That is a really big deal!I started 2.5 weeks ago with drops that wouldn’t even…